Washing Machine Motor Is Divided into Two Types

  • The Washing Machine Motor is divided into pulsator type, and drum type according to the structural types.

    First, the pulsator washer NanYang Motor

    It uses a capacitor-operated single-phase AC asynchronous motor structure.

    (1) Washing motor

    The motor runs under load conditions, the starting torque is large, the overload capability is strong, the starting current is small, and it is easy to be positive and negative.

    1. Stator winding structure characteristics

    The parameters of the completely symmetrical wire diameter, number of turns, pole pitch and pitch of the two stator windings are exactly the same, and the DC resistance values are also equal.

    2. The connection between the stator winding development diagram and the wiring winding coil is reversed in series, that is, the head and the head, and the tail and tail are connected.

    (2) Dehydration Motor

    1. Structural features of the dehydration motor

    Single-phase 4-pole capacitor running asynchronous motor. The starting torque is large, the overload capability is good, the rotation speed is high, and the slip rate is small. In one direction of rotation, the stator windings have primary and secondary points. Short-term work.

    2. The stator winding development diagram of the dehydration motor and the wiring operation capacitance are fixed in series with the secondary winding.

    Second, the motor of the drum type washing machine

    Motor characteristics: large starting load torque, strong overload capability, and overheat protection. There are four types of motors: DC permanent magnet, coaxial combination, two-speed pole-changing, single-phase series excitation. The difference with the pulsator washing machine:

    1. Washing and dewatering, large speed ratio, high torque, low current starting performance.

    2. Two speeds: 12 low speed and 2 high speed.

    3. When the amount of laundry and the amount of water change, the rotation speed is increased or decreased, and the starting performance and mechanical properties are better.

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