Bed Elevator Supplier Introduces Tips For Painting Elevators


    The surface paint treatment of the elevator equipment needs to pay attention to many details. A good surface treatment will increase the appearance of the equipment and the anti-rust function of the material, so as to achieve an appropriate extension of the service life. Bed Elevator Supplier will give you a brief introduction to the details of the surface paint of the elevator.

    1. Use water-based paint to do the anti-corrosion treatment, and then spray the top coat 3 times.
    2. Re-check the appearance after the surface paint is dry, and re-repair the unqualified parts.
    3. Wipe the surface carefully with paint thinner to check whether there are welding slag and floating embroidery that have not been cleaned up. If there is, clean it again.
    4. Before spraying the paint on the surface of the elevator, the welding slag needs to be cleaned up.
    5. After the welding slag on the surface of the elevator is cleaned up, use the steel wire wheel of an angle grinder to clean the floating embroidery on the surface of the material.

    Through the above introduction, Escalator Supplier hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.