Escalator Supplier Sharing Elevator Does Not Allow Random Press

  • When the elevator suddenly falls, it will get stuck on a certain floor. Cause analysis: When the elevator is overspeed, the speed limiter and safety gear will be activated. The governor's electrical switch will act, the brake will automatically hold the brake, mechanical action will start the safety gear action, the safety gear will jam on the guide rail, and the elevator will stop.

    If there is a staircase, you can bring the instrument to the scene to test the speed limiter and safety gear. If the speed limiter has not been tested within 2 years, or if the speed limiter or safety gear has been modified, this device can also be used for testing.

    When the elevator is stuck in the floor, don't panic, you can use the alarm button or telephone in the car to call for help. According to regulations, the alarm bell can reach the duty room, there are people on duty 24 hours, and maintenance personnel are required to arrive at the scene within half an hour The car and the shaft are well ventilated and the air is plentiful. The elevator is equipped with a number of safety measures to ensure passengers. Please wait patiently for rescue; do not try to leave the elevator through other dangerous methods, and do not force open the elevator door.

    The elevator screen is garbled, the keys are not working, what should I do when the elevator is slide? The emergency treatment method is: the elevator may run up and down. At this time, the passengers should not panic. This is because the elevator automatically addresses according to the set instructions. Once it is found, it will stop. After the elevator door is opened, the passengers should leave immediately.

    Escalator Supplier cautions that these actions cannot be:

    First, when calling an elevator, do not press the up and down buttons at the same time; do not ride on an elevator that exceeds the rated load; do not tap, knock or touch the operation panel with a hard object; do not open the elevator door or car by abnormal means Car door.

    Second, don't jump in the car; do not disassemble and repair the parts and auxiliary facilities inside and outside the elevator car without permission; don't crowd in and out of the car; don't stay at the car entrance for a long time.

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