China Bed Elevator Supplier Shares The Cleaning Requirements Of

  • Even the best stainless steel can't stand the time. Although the stainless steel decorative plate has good corrosion performance, it will be easily corroded if exposed to corrosive environment for a long time. Therefore, China bed elevator supplier reminds that the stainless steel door surface must be cleaned and maintained regularly.

    1. Never use washing liquid, steel ball, grinding tools, etc. containing bleaching ingredients and abrasives. In order to remove the washing liquid, clean water should be used after washing.

    2. If the surface is dusty or easy to remove dirt, it can be washed with soap, weak detergent or warm water.

    4. If there are bleaching agents and various acid stains on the surface of stainless steel, they should be washed immediately with clean water, and then dipped in ammonia solution or neutral carbonate soda solution.

    5. If the stainless steel surface is rusted, it can be washed with 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent, or with special cleaning chemicals.

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