Escalator Supplier Shares The Elevator'S Self-Protection Functi

  • Escalator Supplier reminds elevators that many seemingly "abnormal phenomena" are not malfunctions, but the elevator's own protection functions.

    1. Fully loaded elevators do not stop: In order to avoid overloading after the elevator car is full, it will no longer respond to outgoing calls at the next station.

    2. Overload elevator does not go: more and more people know this, most of the passengers who walk in can also exit consciously.

    3. The elevator does not close the door or repeatedly open and close the door: there are debris at the door or sill blocking the light curtain or the door touch panel.

    4. The elevator suddenly descends to the ground floor and resumes normal operation again: after the elevator is powered off and then connected again, the leveling reference position must be re-determined.

    5. The elevator stops when the elevator stops on the first floor, and the door does not move: the fire-fighting emergency landing function of the elevator is triggered by the smoke or heat sensor in the building.

    6. After the elevator suddenly leveled, the door will not open, and it will automatically resume operation after a few minutes: the elevator (escalator) has been running for too long. The motor is overheated. To prevent the motor from cooling down, it will automatically resume operation after cooling.

    7. The elevator stops at a certain floor for a long time or does not respond to outgoing calls: the elevator administrator may have activated the driver operation function.

    The above content is collated and provided by HUZHOU FUJI ELEVATOR CO.,LTD. , Hoping to let more people know more about elevator.