Passenger Elevator Factory Introduces The Correct Approach To T


    Passenger Elevator Factory introduced that when you encounter a trapped elevator, you should not take dangerous behaviors such as prying the door or lying on the window. Instead, you should choose to wait for rescue calmly in place.

    Since there is a nationally unified standard key to open the elevator, it is relatively easy for professionals to open the car door with the key from the outside after the elevator has a trouble with people.
    Because the passengers in the elevator all want to leave the malfunctioning elevator as quickly as possible, some trapped passengers forcibly break the door or open the window on the top of the car to escape. Is it safe to do so? When the elevator fails, the door loop will fail. At this time, the elevator may start abnormally. If the door is forcibly lifted, it is very dangerous, that is, shearing, which can easily cause personal injury.
    For the same reason, trapped passengers were also forbidden to climb out of the skylight. However, in the case that the car cannot be opened temporarily, it must be assisted by professional helpers. After the power is cut off, the trapped persons can escape from the skylight.


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