Advantages Of China Passenger Elevator



    Perhaps many families are considering China Passenger Elevator . Generally speaking, villa elevators, everyone may think of luxury luxury sightseeing elevators. In fact, China Passenger Elevator is the most widely used means of transportation in villas. Since the China Passenger Elevator is generally privately owned and generally managed by its own family, this requires the buyer to have a certain understanding of home elevators to ensure safe operation.

    1. Before the elevator is put into operation, a trial operation must be performed to check whether each part is working normally, whether there are abnormal noises and odors, whether the ventilation and lighting are good, and whether there are other abnormal phenomena.

    Second, do a good job of cleanliness of the car and floor car doors, cleaning the debris in the door chute to ensure the normal opening and closing of elevator doors.

    Third, the elevator is strictly prohibited from overloading, and it is forbidden to transport oversized, long or unknown weight items.

    4. It is forbidden to use triangle keys to open the account landing door during elevator operation.

    5. In case of failure during elevator operation, the emergency alarm device shall be activated. The elevator management personnel shall immediately cut off the elevator power and promptly notify the elevator maintenance unit to deal with it.

    6. Rescue operation procedures for trapped people in elevators: The elevator manager or rescue personnel get in touch with the trapped people to keep them calm and wait for rescue. The trapped people must not stick any part of the body out of the car; accurately determine the position of the car, Ensure that the landing car door is closed reliably; use the triangle key to open the landing door and car door to evacuate passengers; close the landing car door, fill out the rescue record and archive it, and notify the elevator maintenance unit to handle it.

    7. After the triangle key of the elevator landing door is unlocked, it is necessary to check whether the emergency unlocking device is reliably reset to prevent the landing door from being re-locked effectively after unlocking.