China Elevator Lifts Factory Introduces The Use Strategy Of Ele


    Due to the special requirements of the use environment, home elevators make their own elevator function configuration different from public commercial elevators. Therefore, the configuration function of home electronics is also higher than other elevators. The introduction of China Elevator Lifts Factory is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

    (1) Home elevators are equipped with emergency leveling devices for power failure. Due to the particularity of the use environment of home elevators, there is no duty room monitoring for home elevators, and the phenomenon of power supply tripping caused by power grid blackouts or other factors occurs from time to time. Therefore, I believe that home elevators should be equipped with power failure emergency leveling function as standard. In the event of an unexpected power outage due to the above-mentioned reasons, the standby power supply of the power outage emergency leveling system can automatically start, move the car to the nearest floor and open the door to avoid accidental trapping of personnel.

    (2) Household elevators should be equipped with alarm bells in the car. An alarm bell is required in the car. When the elevator is out of power unexpectedly and the emergency leveling device fails, if there are other people in the home, the other people at home can be notified through the alarm bell to quickly contact for rescue.

    (3) For domestic elevators, an embedded wired telephone should be installed on the control panel in the car. Since the home elevator is installed in the user's house, there is usually no intercom connected to the duty room. When the personnel are trapped in the car, they cannot communicate with the outside world through the intercom. Therefore, it is necessary to configure a telephone in the car to facilitate contact with the outside world when people are trapped. The author recommends that it is best to configure an embedded wired phone, because if you use a wireless phone or mobile phone, it may not be replenished in time after its own power consumption is exhausted, causing this function to fail at a critical moment; if you configure a wall-mounted phone or mobile phone, the former will affect the aesthetics At the same time, it will also occupy the limited use area of ​​the car, which will be artificially taken out of the car because it cannot be reliably fixed. The embedded wired telephone is installed on the control panel, and the emergency power supply of the elevator can be used by the telephone, even if the power fails, the wired telephone can also be used. The phone should also have a one-key speed dial function to facilitate the use of the elderly and children.

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