China Passenger Elevator Supplier Introduces How To Avoid Elev


    Most elevator failures happen inadvertently, so China Passenger Elevator Supplier reminds you to pay attention to the following details when taking the elevator:

    1. Do not lean against, strike, or kick the landing door while waiting for the ladder. It is strictly forbidden to pry open the landing door with objects;

    2. When entering or leaving the car, pay attention to whether the car is level and whether the car and hall doors are fully opened;

    3. Children must be accompanied by an adult when taking the elevator. Never use a long string to draw children or pets;

    4. In the sedan, there should be no jumping, shaking, slapstick, playfulness, loud noise and smoking;

    5. Remember to take flammable, explosive, corrosive, and toxic objects in the elevator;

    6. Pay attention to the sound signal to prevent the elevator from overloading;

    7. Do not take the elevator in case of fire;

    8. In exceptional circumstances, you should keep calm and press the distress call and wait for rescue.

    The above content is organized and shared by China Elevator Lifts Factory , hoping to help those in need.