China Elevator Lifts Factory Introduces The Advantages Of Home


    Home elevators gradually form the standard configuration of villa decoration design, which depends on continuous consideration of everyone's daily living needs, thereby establishing the appreciation of the villa itself. China Elevator Lifts Factory came to share the reasons for the installation of home elevators?

    1. Asset appreciation: The installation of elevators in the house can improve the quality of life and home furnishings and promote the upgrading of living habits. The integrity of its function can also cause the appreciation of assets. When housing transactions occur, houses with elevators can attract potential Sexual Taobao buyers excel in market competition.

    2. Comfortable and beautiful environment: The essence of installing elevators in living homes is that life is not easy, convenient and fast, stable and fast elevators, which can solve the trouble of climbing stairs with hanging objects, and can send people to the arrival station in a flash. Especially in homes for the elderly and children, the elevator creates a more comfortable and safer feeling of food, clothing, housing and transportation for them.

    3. Beautiful design plan: the villa itself has its own unique personality, and residents will also choose different decorations, semi-packaging and soft decoration to enrich their own homes. In this overall, home elevators are a novelty The shining point of the design plan is to get rid of the barriers of different buildings, improve the circulation of the indoor space, and let the residents live a real taste and exquisite life. The elevator is the part of the home decoration, the part of the whole home, the part of clothing, food, housing and transportation.

    4. The difference between home elevators and home elevators: the technical specifications and models of home elevators and public passenger elevators are not the same. The load capacity of home elevators cannot exceed 350 kg, the speed cannot exceed 0.5m/s, and the height-to-width ratio cannot exceed 16m. , High-rise aspect ratio refers to the vertical distance between the wooden floor of the largest one-story elevator car and the most prominent prefabricated component under the cast-in-situ slab of the elevator shaft. Increasing the aspect ratio does not refer to the height-to-width ratio of the building, it refers to the elevator's itinerary. For example, if one floor and two floors are separated by 3 meters, the height-to-width ratio is increased to 3 meters instead of 6 meters. For pits and high-rises, the height-to-width ratio of household elevators is usually increased to a maximum of 16m. The landing refers to the number of buildings that the elevator has gone through and the number of stops. For example, four floors and three stations mean that there are one layer of layers. The more commonly used home elevator is the ground floor with multiple layers. Door height-to-width ratio, net door height-to-width ratio is usually 2m and 2.2m. When evaluating the aspect ratio of the rough room, the interior decoration should be subtracted. The main specifications should be communicated with the interior designer in detail. When choosing a home elevator, you should choose products that exceed the manufacturing standards of home elevators. You don't have to listen to the appearance and decorative design of excessive packaging.

    The above content is organized and shared by China Passenger Elevator Factory, hoping to help those in need.