Transmission Chain Manufacturers Introduce The Use Process Of S


    Stainless steel chain is a kind of machinery and equipment with a wide range of transmission force. It is designed according to the hyperbolic arc "chain buckle" scheme to reduce sliding friction. It is used in areas where the driving force is relatively large and the running speed is relatively slow. Advantages, such as anti-tank, pneumatic refrigeration unit, etc., but the transmission speed cannot be too fast, because the flexibility of the transmission chain of the transmission system is not as good as the belt transmission.
    Transmission Chain  Manufacturers introduces the scope of application of chains:
    Stainless steel chain is very suitable for cleaning or some fields with demanding chemical products and high and low temperature places.
    Stainless steel chains have the characteristics of alkali resistance, acid resistance, high temperature and cold resistance, and long life. They are widely used in the food industry, chemical companies, biopharmaceuticals, rubber materials, printing and packaging, silk and other machinery and equipment, and are used in various international Trading machinery and equipment for service facilities is a weapon of intelligent system machinery and equipment.
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