Transmission Chain Manufacturers Introduces The Solution Knowle

  • We need to pay attention to details when we use the chain, and we must be good at discovering and solving problems from small places. Today Transmission Chain Manufacturers will talk about the problem of chains.

    As we all know, our stainless steel chain is composed of many connecting pieces. In use, we found that many chain damages are caused by the fracture near the hole of the connecting piece, and there is a precursor before the fracture: micro cracks are generated around the hole until it breaks. . We call this phenomenon fatigue damage.

    The basic solution is to reduce the load or replace the chain with a large load-bearing capacity, especially starting from the moment the crack is discovered. After all, the crack develops very fast and must be paid attention to.

    Through the above introduction, Agricultural Chain Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.