Requirements For The Use Of Non-Standard Industrial Chain


    Non-standard Industrial Chain refers to a chain that is not manufactured in accordance with the unified standards and specifications promulgated by the country, but a non-standard chain that is designed and manufactured by itself according to the needs of its own use. And the appearance or performance is not in the national equipment product catalog.

    In order to meet the needs of industrial production, the chains that have been produced and proved to have good performance are finalized and serialized, called standard chains. According to user requirements, on the basis of standard products, chains produced, modified or customized are called non-standard chains.

    Standardized and serialized products are mainly suitable for general-purpose machinery and equipment. In fact, when designing a new industrial device, some of the chains are dedicated, which cannot be found in the existing serialized list and need to be designed and manufactured separately. And the versatility in the future will not be high, this kind of chain is called non-standard chain.

    At present, there are many areas where non-standard Industrial Chain occasions are mentioned, mainly in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Because the chain has many products and different craftsmanship, there are also many non-standard chains.

    Non-standard non-standard Industrial Chain is a non-standard chain tailor-made according to the size of special mechanical gears. It does not meet the size standard defined by the national standard, but the quality is the same. The material is the same.

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