Transmission Chain Manufacturer Introduces The Characteristics

  • The stainless steel sprocket belongs to the more critical parts in the electrical equipment, so that it can increase its service life. It must be strong during installation to optimize the running-in period of each part, so it must be properly and effectively developed. Transmission Chain Manufacturer introduces five aspects that must be paid attention to when installing stainless steel sprocket:

    1. First, purchase the appropriate stainless steel sprocket model specifications and materials according to different industrial equipment models and specifications.

      2. Check whether the location of the stainless steel sprocket is intact, whether each connecting part and tightening is intact, if there is a problem, it must be adjusted or replaced immediately.
    2. Install the stainless steel sprocket in a proper way, install the master and slave sprocket in time, tighten various standard parts and couplings, if necessary, ask the technical professional staff to draw the installation engineering drawings first, and then start installation.
    3. After installing the drive system chain and adjusting the tightness, check whether the chain and the sprocket cooperate smoothly, without interference with the chain cover; after installation, the driven chain should have structural reinforcement measures, because the driven sprocket It is very easy to loosen, and it is necessary to be able to maintain and moisturize the sprockets and chains on time. Maintaining moisturization and maintenance at all times can improve their service life.
    4. If there is a component that must be replaced, it is not necessary to replace only the chain or sprocket, but the replacement of supporting facilities should be carried out. The independent replacement of goods will increase its wear, and the difficulty factor can allow the manufacturer to carry out technical and professional maintenance.

    Through the above introduction, Agricultural Chain  Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.