Transmission Chain Manufacturers Introduces The Use Process Of

  • Transmission Chain Manufacturers introduces that no matter what product is used, blind use will inevitably lead to some problems, which will affect the normal working process, such as the noise and speed of the stainless steel chain, which must be mastered.

    When the chain is used as a transmission component, in general, the selection conditions for the chain's low-speed operation should be based on the speed of operation below 50m/min, and at this time, fatigue resistance is more important than wear resistance. The contact between the roller chain and the sprocket is a multi-angle type of contact, and this causes a change in speed. In addition, the more sprocket teeth, the smaller the speed change, and vice versa. When the noise in the use of the chain is too loud, the root cause of the problem must be found and resolved. After a comprehensive analysis, it can be seen that the non-coplanar sprocket is one of the main reasons for the above situation, that is to say, the rotating shaft and the sprocket are not in the same horizontal plane; and the sprocket runs in cooperation with the chain, which is expressed as chain noise is too big.

    Secondly, the wear of the chain and sprocket will also cause the noise produced by the stainless steel chain, which is also unavoidable in use. There is also the quality problem of the chain itself. Too much chain tension, insufficient chain lubrication, excessive chain pitch size, etc. will affect the use of the chain.

    Therefore, in order to control the noise of the chain within the normal range, it is necessary to check the coplanarity of the front and rear axles and the sprocket before use; and in the daily use of the chain, pay attention to strengthening the lubrication and maintenance of the chain to reduce the occurrence of wear .

    Through the above introduction, Agricultural Chain Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.