How To Deal With Drive Chain Wear


    The level of wear is different, we have to deal with the situation. After the Drive Chain wears, first see if it can be severe. Assuming that it is a small area of ​​wear, if it can be used continuously, the sign is clear. It is not only necessary to do daily maintenance, it is more important What is important is that in the process of application, the wear situation is often emphasized, so as to switch in time and minimize our loss. Assuming severe conditions, the new Drive Chain should be converted in time, and the chains should also be converted together to ensure outstanding engagement. Assuming that only the Drive Chain is simply converted, if the meshing is not good, the Drive Chain wear will be accelerated. In terms of grinding, of course, the cost will be reduced at the time, but for a long time, your loss will be much greater!

    In addition, in order to ensure that the chain drive has an outstanding application effect, the necessary heat treatment of the material is stopped. In this way, not only can its application effect be added, but also its function can be fully utilized at the time of application, and economic loss can be reduced.

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