Related Content Of Roller Chain


    Roller Chain has played a great role in the current industrial production. Then after long-term use, you will find that the components will age or gradually fail. So what exactly causes these rusting phenomena?

    1. The lifting of the chain is due to the lack of anti-rust treatment

    During the production process of the hoisting chain, the operators did not strictly follow the production requirements for anti-rust treatment. At the same time, they did not use anti-rust packaging. Once they come into contact with the gas behind the corrosive liquid , they will rust.

    2. The corrosion of lifting chain is caused by the quality of anti-rust oil

    Even if the anti-rust lubricant and clean flammable products are used in the lifting chain, if the product quality does not meet the technical requirements, it will cause waste to the work and cause corrosion. Hanging chain.

    3. The corrosion of the lifting chain is related to the chain material

    In order to reduce the production cost of the hanging chain, some manufacturers have selected unqualified materials, such as high content of non-metallic impurities in steel, which reduces the corrosion resistance of the forming chain itself, resulting in similar defects.

    4. The corrosion of the lifting chain is related to the working environment

    When the lifting chain works in a harsh environment for a long time, it will be considered that the content of harmful substances is too high or the space is too small to prevent rust, resulting in the failure of the lifting chain.

    The above content is compiled and shared by the Drive Chain manufacturer, hoping to help those in need.