Techniques To Solve Drive Chain Jump


    What is the reason for the tooth jump of Drive Chain ?

    First of all, the chain is too loose and the sag is too large, causing the chain to be unable to be tightly connected with the sprocket during operation, resulting in a phenomenon of tooth skipping. Protection method: properly block a section of the chain, make the chain moderately tensioned, and the chain and gears cooperate well.
    Second, the chain or sprocket is severely worn. When the chain is clamped, the clamping position will become loose. When force is applied, the teeth simply jump. Protection method: According to the actual situation, replace the new chain or sprocket.
    Third, severe overload can also cause sprocket teeth to jump. Because the chain cannot meet the load-bearing requirements, under overload conditions, the chain receives excessive stress, which makes the chain extremely tight and presents a phenomenon of tooth skipping. Protection method: select high-strength chains according to the load to meet the load requirements and eliminate the cause of overload.

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