Why Drive Chain Needs Maintenance


    Drive Chain wear will increase the gap and lengthen the chain until the chain cannot accurately mesh with the sprocket, or the correct distance and timing cannot be maintained. In addition, sometimes the wear between the roller and the sleeve or the wear between the chain plate and the guide plate can also cause the failure of the stainless steel chain.
    The lengthening of stainless steel chains due to wear is a gradual process, which roughly includes three stages: First, the initial running-in. The bumps on the pin and sleeve are worn away, and the small eccentricity is also smoothed; the second is stable and slow lubrication and wear. At this stage, the pin is properly placed in the sleeve, and the bearing area is properly lubricated; the third is relatively fast terminal wear. In this stage, lubrication may be ineffective or invalid, the hardened layer on the surface of the pin and sleeve is worn away, the chain becomes longer, etc., causing the load on individual nodes to increase sharply.
    The slight abrasion of the stainless steel chain will not cause major damage to the chain. Without changing the chain, the chain can be reversed so that the worn side faces the sprocket. If both sides of the chain are worn out, it can only be replaced. In addition to wear and tear, fractures often occur.
    Breaks generally occur when the stainless steel chain is used improperly. For example, if the chain carries heavy materials, the chain will break if the load exceeds the chain. Also, during use, the chain keeps running, so that the chain cannot rest and the chain will break.
    The maintenance of the stainless steel chain is very important to the service life of the chain. The chain should be lubricated and cleaned regularly. The use environment of the chain is also critical to the service life of the chain. It is generally better to use stainless steel chains for corrosive occasions and outdoors.

    The above content is compiled and shared by the Roller Chain manufacturer, hoping to help those in need.