Selection Opinions On Drive Chain


    How to choose Drive Chain ?

    First of all, it is the choice of stainless steel chain material. According to various standards, the requirements for stainless steel chains are: high surface hardness and improved wear resistance; the static breaking force of stainless steel chains should not be less than 8500N (87kgf);

    Both ends have good plasticity for easy riveting. It has sufficient fatigue strength; it can work in a temperature range of ±40 degrees Celsius without brittle fracture.

    The wear of the stainless steel chain is three times that of the hole. Although the stainless steel chain will not be crushed, the middle part of the stainless steel chain will wear out quickly. The shear stress and extrusion stress at both ends of the stainless steel chain are small. Low-carbon steel and low-carbon alloy steel can meet the requirements. The unit compressive stress of the hinge is very large. Therefore, the hinge surface of the stainless steel chain must be strengthened to increase the hardness to improve wear resistance.

    From real life, we can conclude that the choice of materials and heat treatment process should be reasonable and feasible. And through scientific calculation and experimental analysis, we can better determine the reasonable material performance indicators, so as to better and more accurately select the material of the stainless steel chain.

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