Silent Chain Manufacturers Introduces Why The Conveyor Chain I

  • The conveyor chain may be damaged due to various reasons during use. At this time, in order to ensure continued work, the chain should be replaced, which can be replaced separately, but the corresponding parts of the two chains should be replaced at the same time to ensure the same solution on both sides. Below Silent Chain Manufacturers will analyze the cause of the damage for everyone.

    1. Impact damage
    When subjected to an instantaneous excessive impact load, the conveyor chain will produce a lot of stress and deformation, and it is very easy to break the chain at this time.

    2. Fatigue damage
    If the load is repeated for a long time, the conveyor chain will be fatigued and broken. In addition, if the chain itself has surface defects, the cracks will continue to deepen.

    3. Friction
    In the process of use, there will be constant friction between the chain ring and the sprocket, which will cause wear and even deformation, which will reduce the strength, and finally break as long as it is impacted, especially when the material and manufacturing quality do not meet the standard requirements. , It's even easier.


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