Silent Chain Manufacturers Introduce What Is A Transmission Cha


    Common chains include transmission chains, conveyor chains, easy-to-disassemble chains, plate chains, special chains, etc., each of which has different uses in their respective fields. Here Silent Chain Manufacturers will introduce their representative uses Right.

    1. Transmission chain: includes short pitch precision roller chain for A series transmission, short pitch precision roller chain for B series transmission, short pitch precision roller chain for heavy series transmission, oil drilling rig transmission roller chain, transmission Use short pitch precision bushing chains, double pitch precision roller chains for transmission, curved plate roller chains for heavy-duty transmission, toothed chains for transmission, motorcycle chains, bicycle chains, etc.

    2. Conveyor chains: including short pitch precision roller conveyor chains, double pitch roller conveyor chains, long pitch conveyor chains, flat top chains for conveying, short pitch precision bushing chains for conveying, and light double-hinged suspension Conveyor chain.

    3. Easy-to-dismantle chains: Including buried arbor conveyor chains, engineering steel roller conveyor chains, engineering steel sleeve conveyor chains, agricultural roller conveyor chains, agricultural machinery clamping conveyor chains, and drag chains.

    4. Plate chain: including hoisting circular chain, high-strength circular chain for mining, hoist circular chain, pin chain, cold drawn machine chain, block heavy-duty chain, roller chain, Traction refers to the bent plate chain.

    5. Dedicated chain: Including sliding blade type continuously variable speed chain, protective drag chain, saw chain, boiler chain, tap water scraping chain, printing iron oven chain, pipe clamp chain, agricultural reel chain, thrust chain, special-shaped chain.

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