Hangzhou Qianjiang Chain Looks Forward To Christmas

  • On the occasion of Christmas, Hangzhou Qianjiang Chain wishes everyone a happy life and a smooth career.

    The blessing of Hangzhou Qianjiang Chain is that white clouds float to you, my blessing is the breeze blowing to you, my blessing is flowers to you, I wish you a Merry Christmas! Happy every day!

    Hangzhou Qianjiang Chain Industries Co., Ltd founded in 1987, is a professional manufacturer of industry transmission chains, motorcycle chains, conveyor chains, dust and waterproof sealed chains, and some special chains,

    It is also the earliest manufacturer cooperated with the Chain Drive Research Institute of Jilin University, in 1991, to optimize the continuously variable transmission chain and silent toothed chain, and developed a high-strength motorcycle oil seal chain and heavy-duty roller chain.

    Welcome to visit the company's official website to learn more www.hzqjchain.com