Why Digital Marketing Is More Effective Than Traditional Market

  • The importance of marketing in the growth and success of a business can never be denied. Every wise entrepreneur sets aside a separate budget for marketing activities. Traditional forms of marketing were the only form of marketing before the popularity of internet. It included advertisements and marketing on radio, newspaper, television, magazines, flyers and billboards. In today’s digital world, however, digital marketing has advanced a lot and it has surpassed traditional marketing. You can get in touch with several digital marketing companies in South Africa for the benefit of your company. (Information credit: https://www.macrocosm.co.za/about-us/)

    Digital marketing is a lot more versatile. It includes social media marketing, SEO, Google ads, content marketing, conversion, web design and more. If we consider the pros and cons of both marketing strategies, then it will be clear that digital marketing is certainly a better option.

    1. Establishment of brand name:

    Traditional marketing only provides limited space and frequency of ads. For instance, if you choose to publish an ad in any newspaper or magazine, you can get a space according to your budget. Television or radio will also air a few seconds of the ad. With digital marketing, however, you can have a complete website, your own blog or a social media page for the promotion of your products. You can create and publish content consistently in this space, which helps you establish your brand.

    2. Globalisation:

    It is difficult to expand your business to new places if you go for traditional marketing because any form of traditional marketing is limited to a specific locality or region. Therefore, it is not the right strategy when you wish to target people in different locations. On the other hand, online advertisements can be globalised easily, and you can spread it to any part of the city, or even the country.

    3. Better targeting:

    Traditional marketing does not help you to target your audience precisely. You can put up an ad, but you have to wait for people to see it, many of whom who may not even be interested in the product. It is different in digital marketing, as you can target your audience based on demand, interest and requirements. You can also interact with your audience better.

    4. Real-time monitoring:

    You cannot monitor traditional marketing in real-time. After starting a campaign, you will have to wait for days or weeks to see any results. Online marketing, however, shows fast, real-time results and you can review everything live, including conversion rates, number of visitors, most active time and bounce rates.

    5. Cost-effective:

    Marketing costs can be quite expensive, especially for small and medium companies. It is difficult for them to bear the huge expenses of traditional marketing if they are just starting their business. Online marketing, however, is affordable for most companies. Based on the marketing strategy, the company can set its budget.

    Considering these points, it can be said that digital marketing is a better option than traditional marketing. Get in touch with digital marketing companies in South Africa and learn how different digital marketing strategies can help your business.