Air Compressor Suppliers-Maintenance Of Air Compressor

  • Air compressors are sturdy machines that can be used in harsh environments, but they do require care and maintenance. In the long run, strict maintenance procedures will improve efficiency and on-site safety, thereby recovering costs. The following are general guidelines for maintaining best practices.

    1. Daily inspection

    Routine maintenance may be the most critical, but it has been overlooked many times. Work efficiency is important, but it takes 10 minutes to check the air compressor every day to ensure that the machine continues to run without interruption.

    First, first perform a general inspection of the compressor to check for leaks. Then check the coolant level of the engine oil and radiator. Check that all gauges and indicators are working properly, and drain the fuel filter. Check air cleaner service indicator and fuel / water separator drain. Remove the trash can of the pre-cleaner and make sure the radiator cover is secure. Finally, remember to ensure that the fuel system is free of debris and that there is not enough fuel for daily operation.

    Add some additional checks in your daily work. The fan and alternator belt should be checked for wear. Check the battery for corrosion and secure connection. If the air compressor is a mobile unit, check the tire every time it is transported.

    1. Monthly inspection

    Every month, carefully check the machine for wear. Parts may need to be replaced. Check hoses and tire lug nuts. Ensure that the automatic shutdown system is working properly, and clean the air filter system, the exterior of the oil cooler, and the engine radiator.

    1. Between 500 and 2,000 hours


    Major maintenance depends on the hours of operation of the equipment. The 500-hour mark is the time when all filters need to be replaced; however, if the air compressor is operating in a dirty environment, the air filter should be checked daily and replaced if necessary. After 2,000 hours, the separator element will need to be replaced. If the service air starts to fog or has oil accumulation, it may need to be replaced before 2,000 hours.

    The design of the air compressor has flexibility and reliability. In many cases, more is not necessarily better. When using compressed air for efficient work, it is important to consult experts such as dealers to ensure that the compressor selected has the appropriate pressure and volume to suit the application needs.


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