Plastic Balls Manufacturer Introduces The Use Characteristics O


    Plastic Balls Manufacturer introduces the factors affecting the quality of steel balls
    ①The influence of material density: steel balls, cast iron balls, alloy steel balls, etc., the density of different materials is different. The density of valve stainless steel ball steel is higher than that of cast iron, while alloy steel varies according to the density and content of the main alloy elements.

    ②The influence of the steel ball manufacturing method: the rolled and forged steel balls have a dense structure, so the density is high, and the structure of the cast steel ball, cast iron ball or cast alloy ball is not very dense, and even has pores, so the density is low some.

    ③The influence of the metallographic structure of the steel ball: bearing stainless steel ball martensite, austenite, bainite, ferrite and other different crystal structures have different densities, which also affect the crystal fineness.

    ④The influence of chemical composition elements: the different chemical composition contained in the finished steel ball, such as iron, carbon, chromium, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, etc., will affect the hardness and impact wear of the steel ball to varying degrees. Generally speaking, If the chromium content is large, the steel ball has high wear resistance.

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