Rubber Rings Factory Introduces The Process Of Storing Rubber S


    Learning to store rubber seals correctly is the key to ensuring their quality. If they are not stored properly, the quality may be affected. Then, Rubber Rings Factory will introduce how to store seals?
    1. Five degrees to twenty-five degrees Celsius is a relatively ideal storage environment. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid contacting this kind of seal with heat sources as much as possible, and at the same time avoid sunlight exposure and storage from low temperatures. Down to seal, this will make the sealing effect better.

    2. In terms of environmental humidity, its requirements are relatively high. The humidity of the stored warehouse air should be lower than 70%, not too cold, not too dry, and not too dry, let alone condensation.

    3. The rubber seal should be placed in a random state as much as possible when placing it, so as to avoid deformation such as tension or shrinkage.

    4. It cannot be touched with permanent magnetic materials, nor can it be used with raw materials such as pig iron, aluminum alloy, copper products, and damaging vulcanized rubber, and cannot be used with equipment equipped with pvc materials. Otherwise, it will cause abnormal use due to different material hydraulic pressure.

    Through the above introduction, Pe Tubes Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.