Plastic Balls Manufacturer Introduces What Is The Flip Of Rubbe


    Plastic Balls Manufacturer introduces the damage forms of rubber seals:

    1. Torsion: When the lip-shaped rubber seal has greater friction during movement, the entire circle or part of it can be changed.

    2. Abrasion: The friction between the rubber seal and the metal surface will cause the seal to wear. Zhengxinglong Seals tells you about the purification substances in the oil (especially metal particles). Elements such as excessively high roughness on the surface of the metal, too tightly packed and other factors slow down this wear.

    3. Partial wear: This is one of the main reasons for the damage of rubber seals. The seal itself is fair, and the sealing support surface is fair. The mating surfaces of the reciprocating part and the seal are partially roughened and subjected to radial loads, which will cause eccentric wear.

    4. Turnover: This kind of problem is the use of lip-shaped rubber seals (such as the seals in hydraulic cylinders), which are characterized by the partial extruding of the seals from the grooves. When the hydraulic equipment is running, the pressure in the sealing groove is very large. This pressure acts on the root of the seal, and the root is worn away. Then under the action of friction, the seal is turned over and comes out of the seal groove. The sealing lip was cut or crushed, and the seal was completely damaged.

    5. Rubber material aging: rubber seals become hard and brittle due to too long service life, too long storage or other reasons due to oxidation, and become elastic, and no longer play a sealing role.

    6. Squeeze deformation of the gap: the rubber seal will liquefy under high pressure and enter the gap of the sealing surface (as shown in Figure 1). The movement between the sealing element and the sealing groove will promote this process. The squeezing of the gap causes the sealing element to be completely damaged, torn or broken in appearance, and can also exhibit plastic deformation. The sealing ring can prevent the appearance of squeezing.

    7. Valley cracking: The valley of the lip-shaped rubber seal (as indicated by the arrow in Figure 2) is the place where stress is concentrated, and it is easy to crack when subjected to pressure impact.

    Through the above introduction, Glass Ball Manufacturer  hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.