Plastic Balls Manufacturer Introduces Why The Pe Tube Will Burs


    Although the PE pipe has excellent performance and wear resistance, due to the poor wear resistance of engineering plastics, it is prone to brittle damage, that is, the problem of bursting (cracking) due to the influence of many factors during the construction process. Injury has the characteristic of suddenness, which is difficult to prevent. Once a crack occurs, the crack will rapidly expand along the length of the pipeline and increase along the thickness direction to form a crack. Next, Plastic Balls Manufacturer will introduce the main reasons for pipe bursts:

    1. The main reason lies in the selection of data and the operation of the production process, especially the selection of data. Minimize the use of recycled materials and miscellaneous materials. Polyethylene pipes made of new materials can only be used with emboldened air. The production process is also very important, especially to remove water from the data. Otherwise, bubbles will be generated and the strength of the product will be reduced. In the future, to make the equipment up to the standard, especially in the rocky mountainous and stony areas with disorderly terrain, the bottom of the trench must be leveled and filled with sand. Otherwise, during the hydraulic test, the pipeline will be damaged and dangerous, and the pipeline will have cracks (showing cracks).

    2. Its own quality reasons: polyethylene pipes are generally black. It is made of polyethylene material and carbon black base material, covering the color of the polyethylene material, which is difficult to distinguish from the color. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers often participate in a large amount of reclaiming, which causes the quality of the pipeline itself to decrease, the flexibility and resistance of the pipeline to decrease, and the problem of bursting (cracking) occurs.

    3. The planned pressure of the pipeline does not match the actual working pressure: the wall thickness of the pipeline can withstand a pressure of 10kg. In water supply practice, if the water pressure is far greater than 10kg, the pipeline will burst (crack appears).

    4. The uneven settlement of the pavement leads to excessive pipeline load, which is also one of the reasons for bursts (cracks).

    5. When butt welding or socket thermal fuse, if the fusion joint is not completely mixed, plus the foundation settlement, it is easy to form cracks (display cracks).

    Through the above introduction, Glass Ball Manufacturer hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.