Rubber Rings Factory Shares Installation Details Of Seals


    Below, Rubber Rings Factory will share some points to note when installing seals:

    1. Do not damage the sealing surface or sealing line on the surface of the seal
    The sealing performance of the flat seal depends on the upper and lower end faces; the sealing performance of the hydraulic seal depends on the lip line associated with the hole or shaft. These parts are made of both soft and resilient temperature, corrosion, and aging Graphite, rubber, fiber, and other special materials that are vulnerable to damage, so special protection and care are needed during handling, installation, and storage. Once damaged, it will often leave a lot of hidden dangers to the sealed parts;

    2. Do not force installation
    Some seals are placed in a grooved stuffing box, which needs to be tightly installed. It must not be rough and brutal during construction. Forcible loading with large movements will inevitably destroy the original prefabricated structure of the seal, which is like breaking the precast concrete. After filling in the required parts will inevitably lead to disaster. The installation of such seals must be very careful and careful, and embedding must be done step by step;

    3. Pay attention to balance and symmetry during installation
    Place the seal in a position that is close to the effective sealing surface (or lip line). After the system is opened and used, further observation and tightening of seals must be done to prevent the micro-leakage caused by micro-leakage due to changes in working conditions (such as pressurization) during system operation.

    The above content is organized and shared by the Mist Pump Box manufacturer, hoping to help those in need.