Rubber Rings Factory Share What Is Tpe Seal


    The most common car seal materials on the market are TPE car seals, TPV car seals, PVC seals, etc. The following Rubber Rings Factory will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of these three kinds of sealing strip materials.

    1. PVC car seal:
    It is mainly made of PVC resin mixed with other auxiliary materials and modifiers. The price of PVC car seals is lower than that of other materials. It can be used for not less than 15 years under normal conditions. PVC seals have a simple molding process, low processing costs, aging resistance, poor elasticity, and are not environmentally friendly. , Toxic, not conducive to recycling.

    2. TPE car seal:
    It is mainly composed of thermoplastic rubber SEBS and other auxiliary materials. The density of TPE car seals is small, and the TPE car seals have good aging resistance. It should be used for at least 20 years under normal conditions. The hardness of TPE car seals changes little with temperature, which is better than traditional PVC and EPDM seals. Excellent resilience, high tear strength, environmental protection, non-toxic, recyclable, resource-saving, in line with the European Union, the United States and Japan's environmental protection safety standards directive, is a new type of environmentally friendly materials advocated by the country!

    3. TPV car seal:
    It is mainly composed of a kind of EPDM blended with PP, which is a kind of stable elastomer by dynamic vulcanization technology. It has excellent compression and compressive stress relaxation in a wide temperature range, excellent anti-aging properties and good chemical resistance. TPV car seals are environmentally friendly and non-toxic, do not contain nitrite and other carcinogens, can be recycled, passed SGS certification, and comply with the EU ROHS safety and environmental protection directives. TPV auto seals have shorter extrusion time, lighter weight, simple processing and molding, and can be recycled for recycling.

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