Rubber Rings Factory Shares Knowledge Of Rubber Aging


    Rubber Rings Factory shares the causes of rubber particle rubber aging:

    Oxygen: Oxygen has a free radical chain-locking reaction with rubber molecules in the rubber. The molecular chains are broken or excessively cross-linked, causing changes in rubber properties. Oxidation is one of the important causes of rubber aging.

    Ozone: The chemical active oxygen of ozone is much higher and more destructive. It also breaks the molecular chain, but the effect of ozone on rubber is different depending on whether the rubber is deformed or not. When used as deformed rubber (mainly unsaturated rubber), cracks appearing in the direction of stress action, so-called "ozone cracking"; when acting on deformed rubber, only oxide film is formed on the surface without cracking.

    Heat: Increasing the temperature can cause thermal cracking or thermal cross-linking of the rubber. But the basic effect of heat is still activation. Increasing the oxygen diffusion rate and activating the oxidation reaction, thereby accelerating the rubber oxidation reaction rate, which is a common aging phenomenon-thermal oxygen aging.

    Light: The shorter the light wave, the greater the energy. It is ultraviolet rays with higher energy that can destroy rubber. In addition to ultraviolet rays directly causing the breaking and crosslinking of rubber molecular chains, rubber generates free radicals due to the absorption of light energy, which initiates and accelerates the oxidation chain reaction process. The outside light plays the role of heating. Another feature of light effect (unlike heat effect) is that it mainly develops on the surface of oak. Samples with high glue content will have network cracks on both sides, so-called "light outer cracked rubber particles can be divided into black rubber particles and colored rubber particles, black rubber particles can be divided into 1-3mm black rubber particles according to specifications, 1-2mm black rubber particles, 2-4mm black rubber particles, colored rubber particles can be divided into green rubber particles, red rubber particles, blue rubber particles, white rubber particles, brown rubber particles, yellow rubber particles and other colors of rubber Particles.

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