Glass Ball Manufacturer Shares The Creation Process Of Glass Ba

  • Glass Ball Manufacturer introduces the glass ball manufacturing process today.

    The first thing to know is that the raw material for making glass balls can only be glass. The glass is produced industrially. The raw materials are mainly quartz sand, feldspar, calcite, thenardite, etc. These 100 ores must be heated to more than a thousand degrees to form a glass liquid.

    Secondly, qualified glass liquid flows through the feeding tank and flows out from the feeding port to form a material strand. The temperature of the stock is generally 1150 ~ 1170 ℃ for medium-alkali glass balls, and 1200 ~ 1220 ℃ for non-alkali glass.

    Finally, the stock is cut into bulbs nearly 200 times per minute. The ball blank passes through the chute, the ball divider, and is pulled by the ball divider plate, rolls into different funnels respectively, and then falls into the ball forming groove formed by the three rollers with the same rotation direction. The upper rotation and its own surface tension gradually form a smooth and round glass ball.

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