Glass Ball Manufacturer Shares The Making Of Glass Balls

  • Glass Ball Manufacturer shares that most of the raw materials for glass balls are natural ores. Therefore, to make glass balls, first of all, crush all kinds of ores, add them into powder, and then according to the glass composition, make batch materials, and send them to glass melting furnace for melting. Form a glass liquid.
    Qualified glass liquid flows through the feeding tank and flows out from the feeding port to form a material strand. The temperature of the stock is generally 1150~1170℃ for medium-alkali glass balls and 1200~1220℃ for non-alkali glass. The stock is cut into bulbs by nearly 200 times per minute. The ball blank passes through the chute, the ball divider, and is moved by the ball divider plate, respectively roll into different funnels, and then fall into the ball groove formed by three rollers with the same rotation direction, and the ball blank is on the roller The rotation and its own surface tension gradually form smooth and round glass balls.

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