Plastic Balls Manufacturer Introduces The Use Skills Of Steel B

  • Plastic Balls Manufacturer Introduces introduce the detailed production process of steel balls:

    1. Wire drawing (wire drawing): stretch the wire to the required wire diameter with a wire drawing machine;
    2. Cold heading (forging): Put the drawn wire into a steel ball cold heading machine, and upset it into a ball embryo by the steel die in the machine;
    3. Light ball: Two cast iron grinding ball discs in the light ball machine rasps the cold heading ball embryo under pressure to remove the outer ring and two poles on the ball embryo;
    4. Soft ball: The two cast iron grinding discs in the soft ball machine rasps the ball embryo to make the ball embryo grind to the required ball diameter and surface roughness;
    5. Heat treatment: Put the ball into the heat treatment furnace, carburize, quench and then temper to make the ball have a certain carburized layer, hardness, toughness and crushing load;
    6. Hard grinding: The grinding wheel disc in the grinding machine pressurizes and grinds the heat-treated ball embryo to remove the black oxide layer on the ball surface and correct the accuracy of the ball;
    7. Lapping/polishing cleaning: Lapping: the grinding ball embryo is finely ground in the lapping machine to make the ball reach the required precision and smoothness of the finished product; polishing cleaning: pour the ball into the polishing drum and rotate and use the polishing cleaning agent Add water to clean to make the spherical surface clean and bright;
    8. Appearance selection: use manual visual inspection to check whether there are any defects on the surface of the steel ball, and use a micrometer to measure the roundness, the variation of batch diameter and the surface roughness of the surface roughness meter as the final inspection;
    9. Packing: Coat the steel ball/stainless steel ball/bearing steel ball with anti-rust oil and pack it into a carton or woven bag.

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