150w Street Light Housing Manufacturer Introduces How To Prope

  • The use of LED street lights is not only the end of the installation, but also the daily maintenance work is essential. The 150w Street Light Housing Manufacturer tells us how to do waterproof work for LED street lights.

    1. If you want LED street lights to have better water resistance, you must ensure the sealing of the lamp cap. The waterproof treatment of the lamp cap can ensure a good life of the street lamp. Therefore, the selection of the housing of the street lamp is very important. When choosing the time and minutes, pay attention to whether the style is waterproof. Regarding the time when the controller is installed, it is generally placed inside the road to avoid wind and sun.
    2. Regarding the battery device, the battery is buried under the ground, about 40 cm away, so as to avoid flooding.
    3. Check the lamp cap of the LED street light to see if the street light is on normally, if it is on, it can be used normally, and if it can’t be replaced in time.

    Through the above introduction, Die-Cast Housing Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.