Led Street Light Housing Manufacturers Introduces The Use Requi


    Nowadays, more and more merchants are engaged in Zhongshan line lamp housing, and the quality of the products has become uneven. The following Led Street Light Housing  Manufacturers will tell you how to distinguish the quality of Zhongshan line lamp housing wisely.

    1. Carefully check whether there are cracks, peeling, corrosion and bubbles on the exterior of the Zhongshan line lamp housing. If these and phenomena appear, then it is unqualified. The appearance of a good Zhongshan line lamp housing is bright.

    2. Zhongshan line lamp housing is oxidized, but during the oxidation process, there are many small holes on the surface of Zhongshan line lamp housing. The existence of small holes will affect the oxide film, so such small holes need to be sealed. The commonly used methods for checking the sealing quality are acid leaching method, admittance method and phosphobutyric acid method. The acid leaching method is generally used for on-site inspection. Use acetone to wipe the exterior of the Zhongshan linear lamp housing to remove oil and dust. After 1 minute, wash off the nitric acid with water, and then wipe it dry. Drip a drop of medical purple medicine onto the surface. After 1 minute, wipe off the purple medicine and clean the surface, carefully observe the traces left. The shell of Zhongshan line lamp with poor sealing will leave significant marks. The heavier the marks, the worse the sealing quality.

    3. An important factor affecting the service life of the Zhongshan line lamp housing is corrosion resistance. For corrosion resistance, there are copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test and alkali drip test. Alkali dropping experiment: The corrosion resistance of the Zhongshan line lamp shell is to drop about 10mg, 100g/L NaOH solution on the surface of the Zhongshan line lamp shell at 35℃±1℃, and visually observe the droplet until corrosion bubbling occurs. Calculate the time when the oxide film is penetrated.

    4. Look at the Zhongshan line lamp housing and its packaging, whether it is marked with the product standard code and production license number, etc.: Zhongshan line lamp housing has an oxide film on the outside, which is formed by oxidation.

    Through the above introduction, High Quality Street Light Housing  Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.