Led Street Light Housing Factory Introduces The Precautions For


    Led Street Light Housing  Factory introduces the precautions for the construction of LED street lights

    1. The safety of street lamp construction must be ensured:
    Before construction, ensure that the construction area has been cut off, and the construction personnel must wear safety belts and helmets before getting on the crane.

    2. Street light construction personnel need to hold a certificate to work:
    The construction personnel must have the electrical work permit or professional qualification certificate issued by the national-level unit.

    3. Installation of LED street lights:
    During installation, the longitudinal center line and the longitudinal center line of the lamp arm should be the same. The horizontal horizontal line of the lamp should be parallel to the ground. There is no skew visually after tightening. The LED lamp must be equipped with a grounding wire to prevent unpredictable reasons from causing the lamp pole to be electrified.
    4. LED street light pole:
    The pole is made of integral hot-dip galvanized high-temperature electrostatic spray, complete accessories, no deformation, paint peeling, etc., it is strictly forbidden to knock the lamp during construction.

    Through the above introduction, High Quality Street Light Housing Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.