150w Street Light Housing Wholesale Shares The Reason For Led J


    First of all, let us understand the overall structure of the floodlight housing. The overall structure of the floodlight housing is a power supply inside and a glass layer outside. Between the lamp body and the glass, there will be a rubber sealing ring with a cavity inside. It's air outside. In general, the water inlet and the sealing rubber ring are relatively easy to enter the water, but when they reach a certain level of dustproof and waterproof, it means that they have good waterproof ability, so under normal circumstances, water cannot enter.

    In recent years, LED technology has been widely used as a new generation of lighting technology. At present, most lighting places use LED lamps. LED lamp applications include square floodlight housings, LED wall washer lights, LED tunnel lights, etc., all in various lighting. Place application. In the process, the power of LED lamps gradually increased to meet the lighting needs, and the power of LED lamps was gradually increased. Therefore, the heat dissipation of LED lamps has attracted more and more attention. This is because the light decay or life of the LED is directly related to its junction temperature. If the heat dissipation is not good, the junction temperature will be high and the life will be short. The following projector lamp housing manufacturers will take you to see what causes the LED to heat?

    The reason why the LED generates heat is that not all the added electrical energy is converted into light energy, but a part of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy. At present, the light efficiency of LED is only 100lm/W, and its electro-optical conversion efficiency is only about 20-30%. In other words, about 70% of the electrical energy is converted into thermal energy

    Specifically, 150w Street Light Housing Wholesale shares that the LED junction temperature is caused by two factors:

    1. The internal quantum efficiency is not high, that is, when electrons and holes recombine, 100% photons cannot be generated, which is usually called "current leakage" to reduce the recombination rate of carriers in the PN region. The leakage current multiplied by the voltage is the power of this part, which is converted into heat energy, but this part does not account for the main component, because the internal photon efficiency is now close to 90%.

    2. The photons generated inside cannot be completely emitted outside the chip and eventually converted into heat. This part is the main reason, because the current external quantum efficiency is only about 30%, and most of them are converted into heat.

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