Die-Cast Housing Wholesaler Shares Blu-Ray Related Content


    Next, Die-Cast Housing Wholesaler will come to share that the blue light of the led lamp is harmful to the eyes?

    1. cause glare
    Due to the relatively high energy of short-wavelength light, the incident rate of fine particles in the air is high, which is the main cause of glare. Retinopathy and eye surgery (eximer surgery, cataract surgery) patients are very sensitive to light and will feel abnormal glare, which is also caused by short-wave blue light.

    2. Visual fatigue
    After the visible light is focused in the eye, the focus is different, and there will be a difference in focus distance between the two focus points. This is the main cause of blurred vision. Long-term visual fatigue can cause other fatigue symptoms. The incidence of blue light will exacerbate the difference in focal distance and blurry vision. It is because after the blue light is focused, the focus does not fall on the retina, but falls between the retina and the lens. Increased the focus distance difference of the light focused in the eye.

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