Led Street Light Housing manufacturers share what is a high-pow


    Led Street Light Housing manufacturers share the advantages of high-power LED street lamp heads:

    1. LED street lamp housing, suitable for all kinds of road lighting.

    2. The LED street lamp housing is made of die-cast aluminum, which has good heat dissipation efficiency and the surface temperature will not exceed 50°.

    3. The LED street lamp housing uses good materials and craftsmanship, the material used does not contain aluminum slag, adopts electrostatic spraying, waterproof, dustproof, rustproof, anticorrosive, shockproof, windproof, and the protection level is IP65.

    4. The transparent tempered glass for the lampshade is resistant to high temperature and shock.

    5. The surface of the lamp housing is smooth and can also be patterned; the size is tightly matched, the thickness is uniform, and the light is soft and consistent.

    6. Widely used in road lights, courtyard lights, community road renovation, solar lights, etc.

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