Manufacturers Of 100w Street Light Housing Share Knowledge Of S

  • The manufacturer of 100w Street Light Housing shares one point of attention when installing street lights:

    1. According to the actual requirements of the site, adjust the position and method of the street lamp and light source, and prepare a three-core cable of sufficient length.
    2. Open the box cover on the ballast with a wrench, and connect the three-core cable with the ballast. The specific method is as follows: First, the cable is introduced into the ballast through the output port of the ballast. Connect the live (red), neutral (blue), and ground (yellow and green) wires of the cable to the No. 4, No. 5, and No. 6 terminals of the ballast, and then tighten the opium nut.
    3. Introduce one end of the prepared three-core power cable into the device through the input port of the ballast and introduce it into the ballast cavity, and then connect the live wire, neutral wire and ground wire to the first and second ballasts respectively , On the terminal of No. 3 position, and tighten the compression nut.
    4. Install the box cover behind the ballast and tighten it with a nut. Connect to the mains.


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