High Quality Street Light Housing Suppliers Share The Installat

  • According to the situation of the construction site, the construction personnel should question the unreasonable choice of the construction site, and stop the construction after the completion of the construction, and report to the relevant person in charge within the first time. Rectification must be completed in accordance with the actual construction standards within a certain period. High Quality Street Light Housing supplier will introduce the installation steps of led road lantern as follows:

    1. Excavate the foundation pit along the road in strict accordance with the dimensions of the LED street lamp foundation drawing (determined by the construction staff);

    2. In the foundation, the upper surface of the cage must be ensured horizontally (use a level meter for measurement and testing), and the anchor bolts in the cage must be perpendicular to the upper surface of the foundation (use angle gauges for measurement and testing); open Place the pit 1-2 days after digging to check for groundwater leakage. If there is groundwater leakage, the construction should be stopped immediately;

    4. Prepare the tools required for the foundation of LED street lights before construction, and select construction personnel with construction experience;

    5. Choose suitable cement strictly in accordance with the basic drawing of LED street lamp. Where the soil has a high pH, ​​special acid and alkali resistant cement must be selected. Fine sand and fine stone must not contain clay and other impurities that affect the strength of concrete.

    6. The soil around the foundation must be compacted;

    7. The 5 × 80 drainage hole must be installed at the bottom of the battery slot or on the base according to the drawings.

    8. Before construction, both ends of the threading pipe must be blocked to avoid foreign objects entering or blocking during or after construction, which makes it difficult or impossible to thread the thread during installation;

    9. The foundation of the LED street light needs to be maintained for 2-7 days (according to weather conditions).

    10. The basic experience of led street lights after the installation of led street lights.

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