High Quality Street Light Housing Manufacturer Introduces The K


    Solar energy is "inexhaustible, inexhaustible" environmental protection, energy-saving new energy, solar street lights bring light to our night life, and save a lot of resources for mankind. But solar street lights will also have some failures, High Quality Street Light Housing manufacturer will introduce the following issues:

    1. Unreasonable design:
    Light sources, battery panels, and batteries are the core parts of solar street lights. However, due to the unrestrained price war, many manufacturers have shrunk in the core part. Some even deliberately increase the configuration, giving customers the illusion of "high configuration and low price". Actually The configuration for customers is extremely low. Such solar street lights cannot reach the brightness predetermined by customers, and it is difficult for customers to identify without comparison.

    2. Poor construction quality:
    The probability of failure of solar street lights caused by the quality of construction is also relatively high. The main manifestation is that the depth of the cement base is not enough, and the sand-covered bricks on the edge are not constructed according to the standards. There is also a weak connection when solar street light components are installed. This spring, an old customer called to report that most of the dozens of newly installed solar street lights were not on. Haiyan Lighting sent several professionals to test and could not find out the reason. The last few groups of technicians have the answer to the consultation together. : The installer installed the low-voltage controller in the tall lamp holder, which caused the voltage to rise and the street light did not light up.

    3. The configuration materials are not enough:
    The wire is an indispensable accessory in the installation process of solar street lights. A friend once consulted Haiyan Lighting and sent samples of solar street lights to customers. It lights up every night, but only a small piece of the lamp head, like a small firefly The ground, the light just can't fall down. After the consultation and experiment of Haiyan Lighting Technology Department, it was found that the wire used by the customer is not of the national standard.

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