50w Street Light Housing Manufacturer Introduces The Knowledge


    Since its invention, the night light has been widely welcomed by consumers, and it has developed very rapidly. In terms of its materials, there are ceramics, wood art, iron art, etc., and now it has also produced intelligent light-controlled night lights, which can be used in the surrounding dark conditions. The night light will automatically turn on. Then 50w Street Light Housing Manufacturer will talk about the hazards of turning on the night light:

    1. Reduce human immunity
    Studies have shown that it is especially bad for babies to sleep with lights on. The baby sleeps under the light for a long time, which is bad for the child's vision development. So mothers should pay attention and don't turn off the lights just because it is convenient to take care of their children. At the same time, allowing babies to sleep under the light for a long time will also affect their eye mesh activation system, which shortens the sleep time of babies each time, and the sleep depth becomes shallower and easy to wake up.

    Second, it is easy to cause the danger of myopia
    Past studies usually attribute myopia to too close reading distance and heavy use of televisions and computers. However, researchers now point out that it is also related to the brightness of the sleeping light source. There have been research reports showing that if you sleep in a dark room before 2 years old, the rate of myopia is 10%; if you sleep in a night light room before 2 years old, the rate of myopia is It is 34%; if you sleep in a room with the headlights on before the age of 2, the myopia rate is 55%. Terrible data, right? Now turn off the night light and go to sleep.

    3. Increase the incidence of cancer
    Research by medical researchers has confirmed that night shifts such as flight attendants, telecommunications, doctors, and nurses who often work night shifts have twice the incidence of cancer than normal people. Friends who are engaged in these professions should ask for processing capital. They are simply using their lives at work.

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