High Quality Street Light Housing Manufacturer Shares 5 Chara

  • Generally speaking, LED lampshade tubes and other products are not unfamiliar to us, but we still don't know many details, especially the advantages of LED lampshade tube products. High Quality Street Light Housing manufacturer is detailed below introduce:

    1. The original T8 tube bracket is to protect the fragile T8 tube, and the current LED lamp tube has sufficient strength and no longer needs protection. So the bracket can be removed!
    2. The original pins at both ends are used to match the special connection of the T8 tube, and the connection of the LED tube no longer needs to be done. And that kind of connection is a challenge to waterproof and safety. Therefore, the design of the lamp tube no longer requires pins, and a simpler and more reliable connection method can be used!
    3. From the perspective of light output, the arc surface is needed so that the light emitted by the LED will not be refracted and affect the light distribution. Thinking from an installation point of view requires a flat surface, which makes installation simpler and stronger!
    4. A simple pc tube can be waterproof, but heat dissipation is a problem. And because the heat will cause the lamp to bend. Because the lamp is generally considered for indoor use, it is best to design the pc for the optical part and the aluminum profile for the heat dissipation part.
    5. Do not design into the shape of the existing T8 tube to adapt to the existing lamp tube, as long as the function can be replaced! The design behind the market can never dominate the market, so the design also needs to look forward! However, he has his own characteristics and advantages. With the emergence of new products, people's consumption concepts are easy to change!

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