Led Street Light Housing Manufacturer Introduces The Advantage


    With the rapid development of LED street lighting industry, it covers almost the entire landscape lighting field. The market demand for LED street lamp housing products is also increasing, and the corresponding quality requirements are getting higher and higher. What are the advantages of LED street light housing introduced by Led Street Light Housing manufacturer?

    1. Structural waterproof function: The unique structure is conducive to the discharge of water on the shell, and the new type of waterproof silica gel can ensure the tightness of the lamp.

    2. The use of a special streamlined shell structure makes the circulation of wind speed up the heat dissipation effect.

    3. Superior heat dissipation structure: the radiator is integrated with the lamp body, and the elongated heat dissipation teeth can improve instant heat conduction; two reinforcing ribs connecting the outer edge of the shell and the placement surface of the aluminum substrate can quickly conduct heat to the outside of the shell, increasing The ventilation holes can speed up the flow of air and promote heat dissipation.

    4. Easy installation: The adjustable bracket can make the lamp body rotate 90°, and the installation is more firm.

    5. Main parameters:

    (1) Dimensions: 1000*53*70MM

    (2) Aluminum substrate size:

    (3) Glass ruler:);

    (4) Large installation size of power supply:

    (5) Heat dissipation area

    (6) Tensile strength of mounting bracket:

    (7) Surface treatment method: anodic oxidation, electrostatic powder or paint spraying;

    (8) Waterproof rating: IP65;

    (9) Scope of application: landscape lighting, stage lighting, building lighting, billboard lighting, green landscape lighting, hotel, cultural lighting, special facilities lighting, bars, dance halls and other atmosphere lighting.

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