High Lumen Street Light Housing Supplier Introduces Led Lamp Be


    High Lumen Street Light Housing Supplier introduces what issues should be considered when installing led floodlights?

    Unlike traditional lamps, LED floodlights are mostly glass bulbs, so they can be combined with urban street furniture. It can be used for lighting in urban leisure spaces such as paths, stairs, decks, waterfronts, and gardening. For flowers or low shrubs, you can use LEDs as a light source for lighting. LED hidden cast light fixtures will be especially favored. The fixed end can be designed as a plug-in type, which is convenient for adjustment according to the height of plant growth.

    Led lamp bead heat dissipation design margin is insufficient, the deviation of assembly process and incoming materials causes the lamp bead to overheat, and the forward voltage drop (Vf) drops out of control, causing the actual power of the lamp to deviate from the lower limit. The optional driving power supply of the lamp has poor thermal stability and large temperature drift of the output current, which directly causes the lamp power to deviate in a large range.

    In order to reduce the cost of purchasing LED lamp beads, the lamp bead procurement did not select the led Vf distribution BIN according to the design requirements, which caused the actual LED power consumption to deviate from the design center value. Due to the dynamic and digital control of color, brightness and dimming of LED floodlights, lively saturated colors can create static and dynamic lighting effects.

    From white light to any color in the full spectrum, the use of LEDs opens up new ideas in the lighting of this type of space. The maintenance value of long life and high lumens (90% luminous flux is still maintained after 10,000 hours), compared with the 50-250 hours life of metal halide lamps, reduces maintenance costs and the frequency of light source replacement. In addition, the LED floodlight overcomes the color shift of the metal halide lamp after a period of use.

    Not only that, but unexpected situations may occur during the installation of high-power LED floodlights. If you are not very professional, you will not know how to solve these unexpected situations. The more professional personnel are able to achieve better results during the entire installation. Really considering these actual conditions, ensuring our smooth installation is the key.

    Through the above introduction, Energy Saving Street Light Housing Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.