High Quality Street Light Housing Factory Introduces The Scope

  • In daily life, LED floodlights are mainly used in large-area operation sites, stadiums, building outlines, overpasses, monuments, parks, and flower beds. Since the angle of the exit beam is wide or narrow, and the range of variation is between 0° and 180°, it is favored by enterprises. However, if it is used incorrectly, the lamp can be easily damaged. Next, follow the High Quality Street Light Housing Factory together to understand how to use it correctly.

    1. Generally speaking, the square-shaped lighting projection light has a larger distribution angle; the round-shaped luminaire has a smaller angle; the wide-angle luminaire has a more uniform effect, but it is not suitable for long-distance projection; the narrow-angle luminaire is suitable for longer distances. Distance projection, but the uniformity is poor when used at close range.
    2. The lamp body is made of high-strength die-cast aluminum material, and the surface is anti-aging and electrostatic spray treatment, self-cleaning and strong corrosion resistance.
    3. The mask is made of thickened toughened glass, which is resistant to impact and friction.
    4. We can use the projection lamp to determine the number of lamps according to the illuminance calculation of the selected light source, lamp, installation location and other conditions, so that the effect after installation can be as close as possible to the expected. The appearance of the building is expressed at night by the projection of the light of the floodlight, and the effect obtained will be quite different from the feeling during the day. Therefore, in the design of LED floodlights, the effect obtained does not necessarily have to be the same as the daytime effect, but it is important to express the characteristics of the building.
    5. Environmental protection and pollution-free: cold light source design, no heat radiation, no harm to eyes and skin. It does not contain lead, mercury and other polluting elements, realizing a truly green and humanized structural design.

    Through the above introduction, Led Street Light Housing Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.