Say currently an AM system for each and every retailer

  • Optimized to use by specialty apparel and fashion retailers using RFID for inventory management, Overhead 2.0 is engineered to be a standalone exit door solution in new and remodeled stores eas solution , or with traditional EAS systems in existing stores in a retailer’s RFID adoption strategy. This solution offers high read accuracy through Wirama Radar™, an exclusive combination of patented hardware and software that ensures unprecedented data integrity; retailers can confidently place tagged items at the front end of the store without concern for stray reads causing false alarms.

    An emerging leader in retail loss prevention, now offers a brand new AM EAS system, along with their floor and door systems. The SAM-I is undoubtedly an “invisible” system installed in the door frame, that produces this system completely hidden from view and complies with possible restrictions for just a retail space.

    “The SAM-I product is our solution for retailers who cannot install standard EAS floor antennae,” said Tom Meehan, CFI, chief strategy officer at CONTROLTEK. “This loop technique is made being hidden within the floor, so as not to obstruct regulations to the retail space.”

    “With the launch individuals loop system, we are able to now proudly say you can expect an AM system for each and every retailer,” said Steve Sell, vice chairman of global marketing and advertising at CONTROLTEK. “Our customers can pick an AM system determined by their aesthetic and installation needs.”

    Now, when you're getting started, it would appear just as if most of these methods may be countered just by hiring a good security team and training your staff being as vigilant as you possibly can at all times. In reality, however, the matter can get much more complicated. For one, it doesn't matter how well prepared your staff is, there’s not a chance that they’ll be 100% resistant to trickery or distractions eas system , especially from seasoned shoplifters. In addition, it’s almost physically impossible and keep watch over everything every second of each day, particularly if have a huge store that’s always full of rushing customers. And, if you’re selling clothes, then you definitely also have to bother about dressing rooms, which, by design, are blind spots.

    Long story short, your security team and purchases staff can use all the help they could get when it comes to securing your store from shoplifters, which is where anti-theft devices appear in.